Cast-iron drain pipes, in time, rust, thus creating flaky residues which occupy most of the inner drain flow space. Such deterioration overtime increases the probability of drain clogs.

Descaling, a pipe rehabilitating procedure, restores old cast-iron pipes inner surface to ensure better drainage.

Cast-iron pipes show signs of requiring descaling after being used daily for about 35-50 years. After a thorough pipe-rehabilitating descaling process has been implemented to an old cast-iron pipe and if there are no structural damages, it gains another 35-50 years of use. Descaling extends the life of drains pipes and helps homeowners avoid costly drain replacements.

Process & Details
Descaling removes the rusty flakes scales, that have accumulated inside cast-iron pipes over time, through the use of a descaling cable with attached descaling chain links. A set of tightly rigged chains, which hold steel nail scrapers on each chain link, spins in high-speed, creating friction in a filing motion that scrapes the rust off the pipes. As the rust-debris falls to the bottom of the pipe, it is flushed down the line with a constant high pressure stream of water.

By filing back the inner rusty scales and flushing the debris down the drain, the descaling procedure opens up the pipe for better flow. After the removal of the scales, the old cast-iron pipe resembles a new one in its look, flow, and functionality. Descaled cast-iron pipes function better as those flaky obstructions that trap deposits every time a toilet is flushed are eliminated and the propensity of drains clogging are minimized.

The descaling process typically starts at the end of the drain system and continues upward toward the opening. Descaling can be a tedious process of filing the clog-creating obstructions, hydro-jetting the loose scales, and video inspecting to ensure quality work. Descaling takes patience and care and if performed correctly should be time consuming.

The descaling machine is composed of a cable inside a vinyl sleeve with an attached chain link head. The cable turns in high revolutions inside the sleeve and is constantly lubricated by the water pressure running inside. The machine has a high torque capability and its speed can be varied depending on the job.

AAJDS inspects drains daily during service calls to ensure the best recommendations are made to our clients for their unique drain systems and issues.

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  • Is washing grease the number one cause of cast iron degradation?
    Washing grease down the drain is the number one cause of cast iron degradation.
  • What is cast iron pipe descaling?
    Cast iron pipe descaling uses a specialized machine with a high speed rotating cable. This process makes it possible to scrape away build-up from the inner walls of a cast iron pipe. AAJDS's customers gets a free video inspection after the job is done. Cast iron pipe descaling most often prologs the life of the cast iron pipe.
  • When should you descale your cast iron plumbing pipes?
    You should descale your cast iron plumbing pipes when your pipes show signs of corrosion. In residential use cast iron pipes should last 50 to 75 years.
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