sewer line video inspectionRequest for a video inspection and a recording even if you don’t need any drain clearing services.

Video Inspection of drain lines can be used as proof of the quality of pipes at a specific time. If you are buying or selling a home, having a recording of the drain inspection may be useful to determine the value of your sale.

AAJDS offers FREE video inspection with ALL drain cleaning services. We use the camera to properly diagnose the issue, recommend the best solution, and ensure a quality solution is achieved.

Whether snaking or jetting, we ensure quality service performance through the quality check an inspection provides. The inspection also gives us insights into any structural damage that are obvious to the camera lenses.

Sewer video inspections are usually ONLY performed after an attempted clearing of a drain is not 100% successful due to some unforeseen circumstance. Such circumstances might be an unexpected root intrusion, a pipe collapse and/or break, or a foreign metallic/plastic objects in the line. Regardless of the reason, if the pipe could not be cleaned 100%, a good technician should offer a pipe camera inspection.

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