Drain maintenance, especially preventative drain maintenance (PM), tends to be overlooked and undermined. Sewer pipes tend to be ignored because they are hidden away and so are most of their issues. Needs and health of a building’s drains come to mind after serious drain issues occur and create damage to other parts of the business.
It is easy for business owners, building engineers, property managers, facilities managers or anyone in charge of a commercial building to forget about the drains’ maintenance until serious issues put a halt to daily functions. Lack of visibility of the pipes can lead to us reacting to drain issues instead of focusing on preventing them.
Preventative Maintenance can be used by various types of properties. However, drain pipes become clogged faster and more frequently in buildings with heavier usage. Ex. restaurants, shopping plazas, malls, hospitals, apartment complexes, dialysis centers, office buildings etc.


Drain issues can waste your time, be costly, and hinder daily business.
Emergency drain issues can waste your whole day or even a huge portion of your week. To avoid a headache and the waste of your time, regular and consistent drain cleaning schedule is recommended.
Drain repairs or replacements can cost money that isn’t in the planned budget and can become very expensive, very quick. Preventative drain maintenance can prolong or avoid future repairs and replacements. It can help avoid expensive and unplanned costs, giving you control of your budget.
Not only will emergency drain services be more expensive than preventative drain services, they also happen at unexpected times causing loss of revenue and inconvenience by hindering daily business.
Preventative drain maintenance ultimately can save you time, help avoid unexpected costs, and support daily business functions. Hence, investing in PM services protects business and properties from cost and loss.


Preventative hydro jetting is a popular method that professionals use for thorough drain cleaning. Unlike snaking, which pokes a hole in clogs to create a way for water and debris to continue down the drain, hydro jetting removes the buildups that cause the clogs. Hydro-jetters shoot out water at high speed and pressure, which flushes the drain of it’s build up, scales, and clogs.
Preventative sewer inspection is the process of monitoring the sewer lines through the use of sewer camera. Such video inspections can provide you with the visuals needed to make informed decisions about your drain. Instead of guessing how the drains are flowing or waiting for them to start showing issues, video inspection gives you the power to make informed decisions that keep your building or business running smoothly.


All American Jetting & Drain Services, AAJDS, can help you stay informed and on top of your drain health through our various services. We offer a free video inspection with each of our drain cleaning services. You can also request video inspections by itself. Video inspection and the recording provides you with visibility inside your property’s drains which can help with making informed decisions and planning budgets.
We can provide you with our professional suggestion on the frequency of PM schedules. Our technicians create video recordings after each of our services so that you may keep up with the building’s drain functions, health, and expectations.
Through our free estimates, we can assist you to plan for your building’s needs and budget. Request a visit to your property, at no cost to you, so that you may take control of your property’s drain health.


Heavy usage of the drains, without providing needed drain maintenance can lead to its serious issues and a shorter lifespan. Preventative maintenance of sewer drains will keep it flowing longer, smoother, and also keep your drains from aging faster. PM service can help prevent grease build-up, forming of clogs, bad smell, backups, and expensive drain replacements. Video inspection keeps you informed and helps you plan for your property’s needs and budget. It is essential to keep drains clean for the building to function properly. The best way to avoid costly repairs, emergency backup calls, a hindrance to a business, and to keep your building’s drains functioning as it should is to keep a regular Preventative Drain Cleaning Schedule. AAJDS can help by providing free estimates, professional recommendation, and regular preventative services.

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AAJDS inspects drains daily during service calls to ensure the best recommendations are made to our clients for their unique drain systems and issues. Call us today for a free estimate. We will include a free video inspection with your drain cleaning services.

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