The hydro jet applies pressurized water to blast through blockages in a sewer line. It is one of the best ways to remove blockages caused by debris, dirt, grease and other foreign objects. Make sure that the line you are working on leads to the sewer and does not dead-end.
Locate the sewer opening in your yard. If you do not know where it is exactly located start with the bathroom floor drain. Insert a plumbers snake into the sewer line and turn the handle. This will start the process of removing the clog. Now you can start getting the hydro jet ready. Always wear protective gear, gloves and googles. Follow the instructions from the hydro jet manufacturer. Please be also advised that harmful bacteria can spray back at you so wear the protective gear. Insert the hydro jet’s nozzle into the opening of the sewer line. Start spraying the hydro jet into the sewer line. Once the hydro jet hits the clog, water will spray back at you. When the water is running easily through the sewer line, then the clog is removed.
If you have a problem with a clogged drain call the professionals at All American Jetting & Drain Services. We provide a free video inspection after every hydro jetting job.

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