What is cast iron pipe descaling?

Cast iron pipe descaling uses a specialized machine with a high speed rotating cable. This process makes it possible to scrape away build-up from the inner walls of a cast iron pipe. AAJDS’s customers gets a free video inspection after the job is done. Cast iron pipe descaling most often prologs the life of the cast iron pipe.

How do you know when you need hydro jetting?

You need hydro jetting when:

  • Your plumbing system back up regularly
  • your bathroom or kitchen sink drain smells.
  • You get a lot of clogs even though you watch what you put down your drain
  • Your drain is running slow
  • You hear a lot of gurgling in your pipes

What does hydro jetting remove?

Hydro Jetting removes all kind of dirt from the pipes including hair clogs, mineral deposits, grease, food deposits, sand, silt and sometimes tree roots depending on how advanced the roots are.

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