Sewer line locating technology is used to pinpoint the direction and depth of sewer drains. This procedure is utilized to locate sewer lines that need further attention. Sewer line may need locating when repair or replacement is being considered. Homeowners intending to undertake a remodeling project may need sewer lines to be located and mapped out.
A sewer camera is used to find the damaged area inside a drain and then a locator is used to pinpoint the camera’s location from above ground. A camera, inserted into the drain from a cleanout, roof access, or a toilet, visually finds the damaged surface in the sewer drain. This camera communicates with a locator. A technician then investigates the surrounding area with a locator until the camera is found. The locator can also indicate the direction and depth of the camera’s location. With the help of a drain locater, broken drains can be located without having to dig the ground.

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There are various reasons why locating of sewer line may be scheduled.

  • Need for sewer line reparation
  • Connect an addition pipe or remodel
  • Find lost items, clogs, root intrusion in the sewer

Information on the pipe’s condition and location, gathered by sewer line locating service, will warrant homeowners, property managers, or construction managers make proper decisions regarding their projects.
If and when you are in one of these situations that requires you to investigate the location of your drain pipes, professionals such as the ones at AAJDS, can be of great use to get the work done and relieve you of any stress. We have high tech locating equipment and highly qualified experts who can help.
At AAJDS, we help customers to locate sewer line both in residential and commercial places. Check out our video below to learn more about our Sewer Line Locating service.


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