Smoke Testing is utilized to detect structural damage that may be causing a sewer smell to escape and create unpleasant odors. A foul sewer smell from pipes around the home signals drains issues. Rather than being contained within the pipe, sewer gases are escaping from the drain system. Smoke testing inspection can be performed, to diagnose the issue. The smoke test can pinpoint to where the leak is coming from, making the repair process efficient.


The smoke-test process involves blowing smoke through the drain pipe and checking to see if the smoke escapes from unexpected spots. From a predetermined access point, non-toxic, odorless smoke is pushed into the sewer system in a controlled manner. When the smoke reaches the break in the pipe it escapes out of those cracks. If the drain is functioning normally, the smoke should only escape from the roof vent. The smoke escaping from random unexpected spots, such as through the wall, indicates where the structural damage may exist.

If you can smell sewer throughout your home or commercial properties, then call AAJDS. We can provide a cost-effective diagnosis, a first step to preventing the escape of a sewer smell.

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