Ask about a Video Inspection

Ask about a Video Inspection

When Calling a Company to Clean or Clear a Sewage Blockage, Clogged Kitchen Sink or whatever the Drain issue, ask about a Video to show you the Inside of the said Pipe, After the Drain Cleaning has taken Place.

With Drain Cleaning Services, we will include a Video to Show the After Hydro-Jet or Snaking and Provide you with a Copy.
If Issues are found inside the Pipe such as a Broken Sewer Line or a Separation, Root Intrusion or Bellied we will add a report and Mark and Locate the Sewer Issues and Refer you to a Company that can do the Repair.

We offer Options with All American Jetting & Drain Services
Sewer Snaking or also Known as Sewer Cabling
Hot Jetting – For those Kitchen Sink Lines with Debris or Packed full of Grease. Residential and Commercial Properties
Line Locating – Need to Locate Mark and get the Depth of a Sewer or Storm Drain? We can perform that service as well…
Smoke Testing – Known to Locate Sewer Gases or that Funky Smell. (None Toxic)
Descaling Old Cast Iron Pipes – Done with a Maxi Miller or Sub Mini (Picote) with Our Descaling Projects we will include a video and Hydro Jet with Descaling Price.

We Service the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Areas

Residential & Commercial
Inside and Outside Pipes – Sewer and Storm too include Branch Lines
Kitchen Sink Clogs, Slow to Drain Kitchen Sink Lines, Bathroom Sink, Tub/Shower, Reoccurring Toilet Stoppages, Bubbling and or Gurgling issues, Outside Basement Drain also Known as an AREAWAY Drain, Sewer Mainline with Roots and or Debris, Sludge, Sand or Silt, Grease or Food Build up.

We offer FREE ESTIMATES – We will come to your Home and take a look at the issues, give our recommendation and a Cost onsite

Benefits of Preventative Drain Maintenance

Benefits of Preventative Drain Maintenance


Drain maintenance, especially preventative drain maintenance (PM), tends to be overlooked and undermined. Sewer pipes tend to be ignored because they are hidden away and so are most of their issues. Needs and health of a building’s drains come to mind after serious drain issues occur and create damage to other parts of the business.
It is easy for business owners, building engineers, property managers, facilities managers or anyone in charge of a commercial building to forget about the drains’ maintenance until serious issues put a halt to daily functions. Lack of visibility of the pipes can lead to us reacting to drain issues instead of focusing on preventing them.
Preventative Maintenance can be used by various types of properties. However, drain pipes become clogged faster and more frequently in buildings with heavier usage. Ex. restaurants, shopping plazas, malls, hospitals, apartment complexes, dialysis centers, office buildings etc.


Drain issues can waste your time, be costly, and hinder daily business.
Emergency drain issues can waste your whole day or even a huge portion of your week. To avoid a headache and the waste of your time, regular and consistent drain cleaning schedule is recommended.
Drain repairs or replacements can cost money that isn’t in the planned budget and can become very expensive, very quick. Preventative drain maintenance can prolong or avoid future repairs and replacements. It can help avoid expensive and unplanned costs, giving you control of your budget.
Not only will emergency drain services be more expensive than preventative drain services, they also happen at unexpected times causing loss of revenue and inconvenience by hindering daily business.
Preventative drain maintenance ultimately can save you time, help avoid unexpected costs, and support daily business functions. Hence, investing in PM services protects business and properties from cost and loss.


Preventative hydro jetting is a popular method that professionals use for thorough drain cleaning. Unlike snaking, which pokes a hole in clogs to create a way for water and debris to continue down the drain, hydro jetting removes the buildups that cause the clogs. Hydro-jetters shoot out water at high speed and pressure, which flushes the drain of it’s build up, scales, and clogs.
Preventative sewer inspection is the process of monitoring the sewer lines through the use of sewer camera. Such video inspections can provide you with the visuals needed to make informed decisions about your drain. Instead of guessing how the drains are flowing or waiting for them to start showing issues, video inspection gives you the power to make informed decisions that keep your building or business running smoothly.


All American Jetting & Drain Services, AAJDS, can help you stay informed and on top of your drain health through our various services. We offer a free video inspection with each of our drain cleaning services. You can also request video inspections by itself. Video inspection and the recording provides you with visibility inside your property’s drains which can help with making informed decisions and planning budgets.
We can provide you with our professional suggestion on the frequency of PM schedules. Our technicians create video recordings after each of our services so that you may keep up with the building’s drain functions, health, and expectations.
Through our free estimates, we can assist you to plan for your building’s needs and budget. Request a visit to your property, at no cost to you, so that you may take control of your property’s drain health.


Heavy usage of the drains, without providing needed drain maintenance can lead to its serious issues and a shorter lifespan. Preventative maintenance of sewer drains will keep it flowing longer, smoother, and also keep your drains from aging faster. PM service can help prevent grease build-up, forming of clogs, bad smell, backups, and expensive drain replacements. Video inspection keeps you informed and helps you plan for your property’s needs and budget. It is essential to keep drains clean for the building to function properly. The best way to avoid costly repairs, emergency backup calls, a hindrance to a business, and to keep your building’s drains functioning as it should is to keep a regular Preventative Drain Cleaning Schedule. AAJDS can help by providing free estimates, professional recommendation, and regular preventative services.

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AAJDS inspects drains daily during service calls to ensure the best recommendations are made to our clients for their unique drain systems and issues. Call us today for a free estimate. We will include a free video inspection with your drain cleaning services.

Hydro-Jetting | Sewer Drain Cleaning

Hydro-Jetting | Sewer Drain Cleaning

What is Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-jetting is a method of clearing drain clogs using pressurized water. A specialized nozzle on a water hose attached to the hydro-jetting machine spews out high-pressure water. The nozzle enters the drain from an opening such as a toilet, a cleanout, or a roof vent. The high-pressure jet of water cleans the drain by flushing out obstructions and also cleaning the pipe’s surface.

When is the best time to Hydro-Jet

We do not think too much about drains until they start causing problems. Slowly draining bathtubs, toilets, and sinks start to get annoying and unsanitary to use. If we are lucky, a plunger takes care of the problem. You may even get a professional to use a snake cable, a great tool, to open the clog. Snake cable pokes through the blockage and pushes the obstruction down the drain. The new opening makes way for water to continue draining until the drain starts to slow again and the clog eventually builds back up. A plunger or plumber’s snake may often clear a clogged drain of any hair or other material that’s blocking the pipe, however, it won’t do much to clean out any buildups on the walls of the pipes.
Hydro-jetting, however, does more by clearing the clog and cleaning the drain around the clog to prevent future clog build up. The buildups take away draining space, slowing down the flow of water, and making it easier for clogs to close up the drain. While snaking clears the clog by taking care of the symptom(s), hydro-jetting takes it a step further by removing the cause of the buildup(s). Hydro-jetted drain stays cleared longer. The main difference between the use of cable and the use of a Hydro-Jetter is the quality and longevity of the provided solution.


If you are in charge of commercial properties such as restaurants, apartment complexes, shopping malls, plazas, or parks that have heavy drain usage then you should definitely get a professional to scope out the sewer drain system for a recommendation on a regular preventative maintenance Hydro-Jetting. Having the pipes cleaned out regularly will go a long way by preventing costly clogs and slow drains issues.
Are you dealing with a problematic drain which won’t stay cleared even after multiple snaking attempts? Consider using hydro-jetting for the next time you come across drain issues in your home. Consider introducing the Hydro-Jetting method to the condo management.
Eliminate buildup, minimize clogs, and extend the life of your plumbing; Hydro-Jet sewer drains as part of a regular maintenance.

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AAJDS inspects drains daily during service calls to ensure the best recommendations are made to our clients for their unique drain systems and issues. Call us today for a free estimate. We will include a free video inspection with your drain cleaning service calls.

Drain Clogs | Prevention Tips

Drain Clogs | Prevention Tips


Drain clogs are a major inconvenience. Drain backups can be highly unpleasant. Many things can lead to them as well. If you want to protect yourself from the trouble a clogged drain can cause, follow some of these simple suggestions and prolong the health of your sewer drains.


Drains are built to carry waste out of your home, but all wastes are not meant to travel down sewer drains. If you are serious about stopping pesky drain clogs then you need to be more careful about the things that find their way inside of your drains. The basic rule is that you should not place things inside the drains that do not dissolve in water.


Even though the kitchen sink has a ‘garbage’ disposal, do not dispose of garbage here. Throw away large items such as bones, fruit pits, pieces of vegetables, rice, pasta in an actual garbage. Large pieces of garbage may get stuck in your kitchen line or travel down to the main line.

Grease and kitchen drain just aren’t a good mix. Since grease, oil, and butter change density with temperature, they can stick to the drain’s inner surface and start catching remnants of food. Excessive amounts of grease can with time bring on sewer obstructions. This is due to the fact that plumbing systems do not have the ability to deconstruct grease.


Soap and hair regularly meet inside of shower and bathtub drains. If not taken care of they accumulate into extensive drain clogs. They can quickly cause water to back up into the tub when in use. These clogs sometimes become so significant that you have to rely on a professional to take care of them. Use mesh screen ‘hair catcher’ to minimize the amount of hair going inside the drain and clean up the excess hair every couple of shower usage.
In the toilet, do not flush anything other than body waste and toilet paper. Try to use minimal toilet paper per flush. ‘Flushable’ wipes do not dissolve very well and are not really flushable. Never flush feminine hygiene products, instead dispose of them in a trashcan.


Once a clog starts to form, the growth is exponential. As the clog gets bigger, it can catch and hold on to larger debris. Drain clogs growth means the inner surface of a drain pipe gets smaller and tighter. Eventually, to get drains back to their normal functions, a professional is required.
Removing or repairing considerable obstructions can sometimes be extremely expensive, so it is in your best interest to maintain your drain’s function and always be aware of how your drain is aging. Symptoms become more obvious as drains are increasingly obstructed. If you suspect that your drain may require professional attention however you are not sure, then start by getting it inspected.


Pay attention to the signals your home’s drain is giving you. Your drain may be starting to clog if water accumulates in your bathtub, sink, toilet or if flushing one toilet causes water to bubble over at another toilet. Find out whether or not your drains are starting to clog; video inspect your sewer drains. AAJDS can provide you with a video recording of your drains.


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AAJDS inspects drains daily during service calls to ensure the best recommendations are made to our clients for their unique drain systems and issues. Call us today for a free estimate. We will include a free video inspection with your drain cleaning service calls.

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